Dating in Distress

I love crime podcasts. My favorite has to be  True Crime Garage.   I always wonder/joke with friends at what point on a first date or maybe a 5th-6th date, do I tell the other person that I love listening to examinations of gruesome, awful true crimes?

Similar to this, I often wonder when should I bring up my migraines.

Sometimes, my migraine does it for me. I can’t even get to the first date without my migraine stopping me in my plans and relegating me to a fun Friday evening date with my couch and cat. I find myself pausing in my texting to cancel because I worry about if the other person will believe me or not. It sucks. If I’m not honest and say I’m sick with like a sinus infection, I have to keep to that story and deal with the most annoying texts of “are you better yet?”

I had someone I was dating tell me before that I was “too sick” to date.  I felt horrible. I never asked for that person to take care of me, just wanted understanding when I had to cancel or when I couldn’t be overly communicative.  Coming out of a migraine, I am not the most fun date — I usually can only tolerate one drink and I’m good with verbal skills for an hour before I start to rapidly decline.  Let’s not even bring up getting physical–touching me at any point of a migraine is like asking for death, not only for me, but also you, too.

This is something I am still trying to figure out. My migraines have not and will probably never make into my Bumble profile; however, I am learning to be more open with talking about my migraines on a first date.  For those of you dating, how do you bring up the “migraine” topic? Do you let it happen naturally or do you make an effort?

Also, for more of my thoughts on dating, check out my Thought Catalog post here 


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