My Migraine Management

Today, I am in a MUCH better position than I was years ago with my migraines. I used to be crawling to urgent care on an almost weekly basis to get a torodol shot which was always at total damper on weekend plans (I’m young, I like to go out).  Or I would constantly be reaching for those triptans–which I don’t take anymore. I found them to be not helpful and giving me rebound migraines.  For a time, I literally did a “hard reset” on my body when I had migraine where  I wouldn’t take any medications (I know I sound like a psycho) but this allowed me to start taking OTC pills again as an effective treatment.

Today, I manage my migraines through a combination of prescriptions, vitamins, and lifestyle choices. The prescriptions and vitamins were recommendations made to me by my neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

I currently take:


Prescription pills:

150mg Wellbutrin XL: I suffer from anxiety and depression, this has been the best so far me in managing my lows and helping with the pre-during, and post migraine depression.

200mg of Zonegran (Zonsaimide): It is an anti-convulsant. One time labeled to me as “topamax’s milder son.” I have been on this now for about two years and it cut down on the frequency, but like any medicine, has it’s side effects. The first three months on this made me mind-numbing nauseous and if I miss a dose, I get a little spacey and tingly–super fun! However, this is way different than my experience with topamax the dopamax that I will for sure blog about in a future post.

Vitamins (I order all of mine from amazon, linked in post):

400mg of Magnesium Glycinate — seriously do yourself a favor and invest in the good magnesium. For reviews of what brand, I would recommend

200mg of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): seriously helps, I was out for a couple weeks and noticed a difference. ** Also, this is really hard to find in stores, high recommend just ordering online.

5,000mg of Vitamin D— I live in Michigan, enough said. Also, I have had very low vitamin D before

380 mg of Feverfew: I think it helps?

Foods/drinks I stay away from:

Chinese food for the most part–too high in MSG. This one was a hard one for me because I love a good chinese buffet.

Cheap Beer and Vodka–shouldn’t we all stay away from this though?

Hard liquors (for the most part)– I try to stick to wines I know and hard ciders.

Overly onion-ed or garlicky  food–hey, future dates, my migraines are doing ya a favor

Diet sodas…for the most part. I love Coke Zero.

Activities I stay away from:

Amusement parks/fairs–I’m too tempted to ride the rides that will for sure cause a migraine and the lights alone can be a trigger.

When I get a migraine:

Depends on the severity-

Mild: drink a Coke (not diet), a water, maybe 1-2 ibuprofens, sit down if I can

Moderate: eat something– banana, candy bar, something (with that Coke, of course), sip on water, lather up on the biofreeze, and sit-down, take two ibuprofens

Severe: coke, gatorade, water (at this point, I’m throwing up and can’t eat), ice packs, 4 ibuprofens, lie down

OMG I WANT TO CHOP MY HEAD OFF NOW: I go to urgent care and get a torodol shot.


What do you do to manage your migraine? Is there something you just can’t give up but you know is a trigger? Please comment and feel free to ask any questions!



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