Pip and in Pain: Having a Pet and a Migraine

Pip, my beloved, somewhat chunky, every so spunky tabby is my partner in crime. We binge watch Netflix together, share a glass of wine (well I drink the wine), snuggle together and endure the ups and downs of the day together. Having a pet is seriously one of the best things about life.  Some of you may be curious- “What is it like to have a pet and migraines?” While I know some bloggers are juggling kids, pets, etc.—I am speaking to those of us who haven’t entered the “kid market” yet.

I did worry when I first got Pip that it would be hard to take care of him when sick. When I travel, it’s easy, someone comes over and feeds him in my absence. However, when I am sick with a migraine, I want no one and sometimes not even Pip to be around me. His cute purrs are too loud for my migraine beaten ears at times.


Pip imitating me when I have a migraine.

So how do I manage caring for Pip and myself at the same time? In the words of Nike, I “just do it.” So sometimes the litter box doesn’t get cleaned right away, but he always has the food and water he needs–and love. In fact, I have found that most of the time, having him near by when I’m in a zonked out phase is super comforting. Migraines can be an isolating disease–especially if you live by yourself and away from family like I do. The silence is sometimes very painful too, having a therapy buddy helps. Pip will sit either in silence or watching TV with me.  When dealing with the migraine body freeze symptoms, he is a wonderful buddy to hold and give a hug.  While sometimes when the pain is so bad I have to lie in my room with the door closed, overall he is one of my biggest supporters in my migraine journey.

Does your pet help you? Bark or meow in the comments!


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