Travel Tips


I travel frequently for my job which means I run the risk every work trip of being migrained mess for my most important meetings. The changing altitudes, climates, and time zones create a perfect atmosphere for a migraine to pop up in. I also chose a profession where I talk to people for a living.  I have to be interesting, entertaining and engaged. Below are some tips that have seemed to work for me when it comes to traveling. Please leave your travel tips in the comments!

Try to get the window seat: The person who gets the window seat is bestowed with the privilege of controlling the light flow. Who cares what research says about those who hold the window seat. Trust me, no one in your row wants to deal with a migraine sufferer who has to keep getting up to escape to the bathroom or moving around constantly to try and find comfort.

Pack extra pills than needed: Nothing is worse than realizing you miscalculated the number of days you will be traveling. I sometimes just grab the whole bottles if I’m rushing.

Take pills on the time zone where you are going: For example, I travel to the West Coast, I don’t take my morning pill and vitamins when I wake up on flight day–I take them about 9/10am EST so I am starting myself on PST.

Invest in good sunglasses: Seriously, if the plane is too bright or the place you are going is ultra sunny, a pair of good sunglasses will be your best friend. I am partial to ray-bans because you can get pretty dark shades with them; however, find a good pair, buy them and don’t lose them 😉

Invest in a travel organizer: Personally, I like the one linked here: seat pak organizer   It helps to make sure you have all of your pills, pain cream, etc. with you in your seat.  The one I have conveniently hangs on the back of your seat and is waterproof.

Stick to your migraine do’s and don’ts: Nervous flyer? Try not to load up on extra pills or alcohol that doesn’t agree with you. Instead, try learning more about planes, finding apps on your phone (I edit pictures) and maybe, stick to alcohol you do know that is ok. I typically have a glass of wine pre-flight (my flights are typically 3+ hours).  I took a low dose of Xanax once and was a mess for the rest of the day. Was not worth it.

Pack a water bottle, fill up after security: Keeping hydrated is key. Also, you don’t want to wait for the drink cart to be able to take a pill if need be.




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