Hangover Hell: It’s NOT the Same

So I went out last night and paid royally for it this morning. I love a good cocktail–it is really hard to resist having more than one when the holidays come around. I am sucker for the cinnamon-y flavors and mint added to drinks.  Those of you fellow sufferers know the absolute BS a hangover with migraines is–and those of you who don’t; fact check me, migraine disease can cause hangovers to be worse.

When I say I have a migraine plan, I do try to stick to it for the most part. I don’t like to be the cause of my own pain. However, there a times when I am out on a date or with new friends that I just want to be “normal.”  I want to be able to drink and wake up the next morning with JUST A HEADACHE that can be slept or ate off.  However, I can’t and below are the mistakes that had me racing for the medicine cabinet this morning.

Mistake number 1: Pitcher Margaritas

No, I did not drink the whole pitcher, not even a whole glass but where pitcher margs get me is the cheap tequila. I normally shy from tequlia anyway unless it’s a mezcal cocktail.

Mistake number 2: Gin

I love gin. Gin and freseca used to be my go-to drink of choice on the planes until I realized it was the gin causing a much later in the day migraine upon landing.

Mistake 3: Out Too Late

You know the saying nothing good happens after midnight? Well, somewhat true for me. I need to be in “wind down” mode by midnight, even if I’m not tired. It is really important that I keep to a normal schedule, even on weekends I try not to sleep in too much or I set my alarm and get up. Schedule shifts are a trigger.



Migraine Art

Sometimes, I feel guilty from getting a migraine due to be hungover.  I was the trigger cause for my pain. Then I keep it in perspective that I am human and I make mistakes.




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