Happy Holidays or Head Painadays?

Stress is a HUGE trigger for me when it comes to my migraines.  To clarify, it is more emotional stress than work stress that elevates the migraine watch to warning.


Holidays are a huge source of emotional stress for me. I travel a lot for work so my idea of a perfect holiday would honestly be a week with no plans, my favorite shows, and my cat. I hate to sound so bah humbug-ish but seriously there is so much pressure during the holiday season. So many parties, plans, etc. in a short period of time–most of

  1. Say NO– a critical skill to learn at work, school, and in life is the ability to say “no.” If it is not something you really want to do or you know that it will for sure trigger a migraine, say no.
  2. Prioritize your plans: Since a lot of my close friends live where my family is, my schedule can turn into a nightmare before I even step foot back in my hometown.  I used to let almost everyone know of my coming into town, now, I make the anchor plans I want to with family and the friends I absolutely want to see. If I happen to have free time, I can keep that for myself or reach out with last minute plans.
  3. Keep to schedule: As I have mentioned in my travel post, keeping to schedule is so important. It is so tempting to go overboard during the holiday season and get in a cycle of super late nights and sleeping in–for me this is a migraine trigger.
  4. Make time  for yourself: If you get family or friend guilt about not attending something, then just say you have plans. You need time to take care of yourself so that you can have a good time with them.
  5. Shop online: The scents and lights of Christmas sometimes are no bueno for my head. Also, crowds can be overwhelming. Also, amazon has like everything.
  6. Get a migraine? Then rest!: I have spent too many holidays outings with a giant migraine, trying to force a smile and listen to conversations without going insane. If you feel like you are getting a migraine or have one, then rest. Don’t wait until you are at your peak pain to do so, let your family and friends know that this is what you need. I would rather be done sooner with a migraine than suffer through any sort of event.



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