My Favorite Things

The Golden Gate Bridge is my favorite landmark.  These are my favorite things  that I have found to be helpful in migraine/wellness management. Have something that works for you? Please place in the comments!

My Migraine Buddy App:   Super helpful in tracking migraines, identifying triggers, and makes it easy to remember when and what caused a migraine when discussing with you doctor.

Badger Headache Stick : Easy to open, non-messy (for the most part), has a calming odor, great for travel

Herschel Backpack: I love my big purses, but boy do they cause tension on my shoulders and the tension ultimately can cause a migraine. I found Herschel backpacks to be super cute, comfortable, and fashionable. I usually have to lug my backpack wherever I go on business travel–these bags are still professional looking enough to make me feel confident from meeting to meeting.

Perrier Slim Cans: Seriously, do yourself a favor and have your heavy stuff delivered.  I have my cat litter delivered because I am always forgetting it–now I don’t which is great because when in pain the last thing you want to do is get up and go to the store. I love the slim can because they are easy to hold when not feeling well (I get hand cramps during migraines), taste great, and for the most part I can keep down when sick.